Mission Statement  



  About The School  


"Home of the Panthers"

PRIDE is a continuation high school serving the needs of between 40 and 90 students that have become credit deficient.  PRIDE offers a unique atmosphere that caters to the student’s academic, social, and personal needs.  We have created a culture of equality that students respect and value.  We operate much like a large family in that we consider our students to be as our own children.  We treat them with respect and dignity.  For many of these students this is the first time they have felt proud and responsible for their futures.  We believe all students can learn in a caring, loving environment in which they feel safe enough to let down their walls and let us in.  In many cases, our student’s feel that they have been kicked around by the system and their environment, at PRIDE we do not kick, but we do believe that relentlessly pounding them with praise and encouragement has a lasting impression on their self-worth.  It is our goal to instill dignity, respect, and self-worth in every student that passes through PRIDE on their own personal journeys.  We firmly believe that.                   “EFFORT=PROGRESS=SUCCESS”